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SnackShot™ - Handheld Dog Treat Launcher

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"My little energy monster absolutely loves training time with this great little treat dispensing wiz! It makes training so much fun and helps alot with taming the endless energy my puppy seems to have. It turns training time to playtime, greatly increasing her attention and interest."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bernadette S. 



Revolutionizing Pet Playtime! 

Introducing the SnackShot™ - Handheld Dog Treat Launcher – the game-changer that's set to transform your pet's training & play time into an unforgettable experience.

SnackShot™ is designed to bring boundless joy, engagement, and endless fun to both your furry companion and you.

Say goodbye to messy hands and guesswork when rewarding your pet, and say hello to precision treat dispensing that's as exciting as it is convenient.

SnackShot™ isn't just a toy; it's a bridge between you and your pet, fostering trust and companionship through positive associations with treats and play.

Get ready for an era of interactive play and treat dispensing that keeps tails wagging and hearts full, because every pet deserves a little extra love and excitement in their life.

Why You NEED The SnackShot™ 


✅Precision Treat Dispensing: Easily control the distance and direction of treat launches, ensuring accuracy and excitement during playtime.

✅Safe and Durable Design: Crafted with non-toxic, pet-friendly materials for a sturdy construction that can withstand enthusiastic play

Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Promote physical activity and keep your pet mentally sharp by encouraging them to chase and catch treats mid-air.


Bonding Time: Strengthen the bond with your pet through quality playtime and positive associations with treats and play.

Easy Maintenance: Effortlessly disassembles for quick and easy cleaning, making it a breeze to keep fresh for your furry friend.


A sunny afternoon in the park,

your loyal four-legged friend is eagerly waiting by your side. With the SnackShot™ in hand, you press the shoot button, and a treat soars through the air, your pet's eyes locking onto it with sheer excitement.

As they leap and catch it mid-air, their tail wags uncontrollably, and your heart fills with warmth.

The SnackShot™ isn't just a toy; it's a memory-maker. It's the gateway to endless moments of joy, laughter, and connection.

It's the tool that turns training into a breeze and playtime into a bond-strengthening adventure.

With each treat launched, your pet's behavior improves, and their affection for you deepens. You're no longer just a pet owner; you're a source of endless happiness.

Make your pet's playtime extraordinary with the SnackShot™, because every day deserves a little extra love and excitement. 


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