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Summer Paw Bundle (SafeSeat™, CarrotQuest™ and WoofHover™)

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Adjustable safety leashes & fixing seat belts
Built-in safety buckle to combine with dog collar


Whether in the car or at home, it can give your dog peace of mind and a comfortable experience


Got dirty? No matter what, easy cleaning. Give you and your dog a clean car environment


Adjustable Safety Belts: Keep your furry friend secure and comfortable with our adjustable safety leashes and fixing seat belts. Ensure their safety during car rides or at home.

Built-in Safety Buckle to Combine with Dog Collar: Our product features a built-in safety buckle that can be easily combined with your dog's collar, providing an extra layer of security.

Safety Pillows on the Front and Back: We prioritize your pet's safety and comfort. Our product includes safety pillows on both the front and back, providing cushioning and support.

Use Both at Home & in the Car: Our versatile product can be used both at home and in the car, making it the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe and comfortable wherever you go.

Double-Sided Cushion: Treat your pet to ultimate comfort with our double-sided cushion. They can snuggle up on either side, ensuring a cozy experience.

Removable & Machine Washable Cover: Cleaning up after your pet is a breeze with our removable and machine washable cover. Simply remove, wash, and have it looking good as new.

Anti-Slip Bottom: Rest assured that our product stays securely in place. The anti-slip bottom provides stability, preventing any unwanted movement.

Choose the Best for Your Pet: Superior Comfort & Safety!

Our SafeSeat™ - Premium Luxury Dog Car Seat outshines competitors with its exceptional design, focusing on unbeatable comfort and safety. 

Experience the difference of thoughtful design and premium materials. 

Elevate your pet's travel and relaxation, and enjoy peace of mind with the best choice for your beloved companion.

Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly

Struggle to control your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively wear out high-energy dogs.

Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

Effortlessly keep dogs active physically & mentally

It is extremely important to keep dogs active physically and mentally. This toy does just that.

Search and hunt; Hide and seek. Finally let your dog use their natural desire to hunt.

No more bored dogs with behavioral issues

Studies have shown that less play time leads to behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression, and not coming when called.

Play is the key to a dog's happiness. Designed to put dogs' nose and brain to work! Just hours and hours of fun!


Enriches Dog's Life
Experts say 20 minutes of sniffing is as enriching to dogs as an hour's walk. The Carrot Farm offers an excellent form of nosework that delivers mental and physical exercise our furriends need to stay sharp,active and healthy -even indoors.

Builds Confidence and Relationship
The Carrot Farm offers an enjoyable activity for you and your pet that boosts confidence and connection during play. It increases training and positive interactions that keep boredom and loneliness out and fun and happiness in!

Promotes Good Digestion
The Carrot Farm encourages slow eating habits that promote good digestion. It lets pups use their natural foraging skills and enjoy hunting for food, which they love, and results in more engaging, slowed-down mealtimes.

✅Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly

Struggle to control your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively wear out high-energy dogs.

Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

✅Multiple Pockets

The Carrot Farm plays right into your pup's sniffing and tracking instinct. Your furbaby will enjoy nosing into 12 pockets designed to hold toy carrots that once removed can reveal hidden kibble and favorite treats!

✅Squeaky Crinkler

It's a sweet interactive toy that brings a multisensory and rewarding experience. Each carrot is soft and stuffed - it squeaks, it crinkles! When it comes to grabbing and keeping attention,The Carrot Farm wins hours of playtime fun!

Slow Feeding
A puzzle, a training tool, a great game to play together, The Carrot Farm delivers amazing health benefits. It encourages exercise and doubles as a feeder that helps dogs learn to eat slowly, preventing the risk of bloat and indigestion.


The Carrot Farm features durable construction using soft quality materials that are neatly sewn, non-toxic, and free of taste and odor. It's equipped with a non-slip base and is gentle on the nose, great for scent training.


Need A Perfect Toy To Keep Your Dog's Attention? 

Unleash Your Dog's Inner Space Cadet with Dog Flying Saucer Ball!

The ultimate toy that will keep your pup entertained for hours on end! With its unique design and ability to fly like a UFO, your dog will have a blast chasing and catching this futuristic ball.


✅ Provides exercise: Playing with the Dog Flying Saucer Ball will provide your dog with exercise, helping to keep them healthy and active.

✅ Light induction: The light is activated by motion, so every time your pet interacts with the toy, it lights up and grabs their attention. Have fun anytime, anywhere! Enjoy outdoor adventures at the beach, park, or backyard with the Magic Flying Saucer Ball. It's equipped with built-in lights for night-time play.

 Durable and long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials, the Dog Flying Saucer Ball is durable and will withstand even the most vigorous play.

 Easy to clean: Unlike other dog toys, the Dog Flying Saucer Ball is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it will be ready for the next playtime.

 Safe for your dog: The Dog Flying Saucer Ball is made with non-toxic materials, so you can be confident that it's safe for your dog to play with.










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