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FoodBall™ - Interactive Pet Feeding Ball

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"Bailey loves moving the ball around when we put food in it, he is better behaved now when we are away"

Your pet's interactions will be rewarded with food or treats as they continue to play with the FoodBall™. This toy will slow down pet feeding and prevent your pet from bloating, obesity, and digestion problems caused by fast eating habits!

The tumbler design is good for dogs and cats to play while eating. It helps reduce pets’ destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise while maintaining the alertness of pet bodies and satisfying their hunting instincts!


Let your pet play, learn and get a reward on its own. Once they start playing they will receive a treat, and will continue to get them as long as they keeps playing.

Your pet will learn in time how to get treats faster and become smarter and stimulate learning!


High-quality and durable plastic that is nontoxic will provide an extended toy life, so it can be your pet’s favorite toy for a lifetime.

Interactive Balance Feeding Ball

✅Easy to Clean and Refill 

Simply twist the top part open and refill once it’s empty, if you want to clean it just twist the middle section to open and have larger access.


If your dog tends to start making a mess when they get bored or if they just eat too fast then the FoodBall™ is the solution you need.

Order yours today and get ready to watch the fun unfold!


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