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CanineClimb™ - Dog Staircase & Storage

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"These are so nice! Much sturdier than other steps I've had and I love the hiding spot + the bottom step allowing for storage. They also look nicer than most steps. A+ recommend highly."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Abigail T. 

 Unlock the Freedom Your Pet Deserves

Tired of seeing your furry friend struggle to reach the bed or the couch?

Our CanineClimb™ - Dog Staircase is here to make life easier for both you and your pet.

Whether you have a playful puppy or a senior dog, our pet stairs are designed to help them move effortlessly without putting stress on their precious bones, hips, and ankles.

Say goodbye to those worried glances as they attempt those risky jumps.

Easy Access - CanineClimb™ provides a safe and convenient way for your pets to reach higher areas on their own, reducing the risk of injuries.

Perfect for All Ages - Ideal for older or unwell pets, especially those with back or joint issues.

Sturdy Support - These stairs can handle pets up to 25KG (55 lbs), making them perfect for a wide range of breeds.

Pet Stairs

 Comfort First - Crafted from soft flannel and cotton cloth, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience for your beloved pets.

✅ Bonus Storage - Each step can double as a storage compartment, helping you keep your pet's toys, treats, or accessories handy.


Material:  Fleece Cotton

Size:  60cm x 35cm x 30cm

What's Included: 

 1x CanineClimb™ - Dog Staircase & Storage

Meet Bailey

our family's loyal Golden Retriever, started showing signs of aging.

His once boundless energy was waning, and it pained us to see him struggle to climb onto our bed, where he loved to sleep. We knew he needed help, which led us to discover CanineClimb™.

Once we introduced CanineClimb™ into our home, it was like a miracle.

Bailey regained his independence. He could now effortlessly join us on the bed and the couch, his favorite places in the world.

Watching him bound up those stairs, with that spark back in his eyes, warmed our hearts. CanineClimb™ not only improved Bailey's life but also brought joy and peace to our family.

Now, he's living his golden years to the fullest.

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