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PupCup™ - Collapsible Dog Water Drinking Bottle

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This was the best thing to use at the beach with my dog! Super easy to clean and use and my dog loves it! I tell everyone I see with water bottles and those silicone bowls about it! I filled mine up with ice water and the water stayed cold the whole day out on the beach.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christine B.

Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Solution for Your Four-Legged Friend's Hydration Needs! 


Tired of juggling a water bottle and a bowl every time you take your beloved pup for a walk or a hike? Say goodbye to the inconvenience because the PupCup™ Bottle is here to make your life easier.


With a generous 18oz capacity, it ensures your furry companion stays refreshed no matter where you are.


Our patented two-in-one design combines a water bottle and a foldable bowl in a single, easy-to-use package. Just press the bottle with one hand, and water effortlessly flows into the bowl.


When your dog has quenched their thirst, fold the cap back, and you're ready to go. It's that simple! No more lugging around a separate bowl or worrying about messy spills.


Why You NEED the PupCup™ 


No Water Leakage: Our top rotational buckle and sealed silicone gasket guarantee a spill-free experience. Your travel pack stays dry, and your pup's water remains pure.


Safe and Lightweight: Crafted from LDPE stock and food-grade silicone, our dog water bottle is BPA-free, odorless, eco-friendly, and easily recyclable. It's incredibly lightweight, weighing only 0.3 lb (140 g). Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe silicone bowls and easy-to-disassemble parts.

Large Capacity: With a substantial 18oz (520ml) volume, your dog will have access to fresh, safe water anytime, perfect for travel, hikes, and outdoor adventures. Plus, you can even add ice water to help your fur baby beat the heat.


Portable and Convenient: Our PupCup™ Water Bottle is a travel essential. Lightweight, durable, and complete with an attachable clasp, it's ready to join you on every adventure, ensuring your furry friend stays hydrated.

You're on a thrilling hiking adventure with your loyal four-legged companion,

the sun is beating down. Your dog looks up at you with those soulful eyes, panting in the heat.


Without the PupCup™, you'd have to find a creek or fumble with a separate bowl, wasting precious time. With PupCup™, you simply squeeze the bottle, and water flows into the foldable bowl. Your furry friend laps up the refreshment, and you continue your journey hassle-free. No spills, no mess, just pure, hydrating convenience. 


We get it because we're pet owners too. The PupCup™ Water Bottle was built with the needs of pet lovers in mind.


We're committed to your pup's safety, so our PupCup™ is non-toxic, high-quality, and BPA-free. Providing the best for your pet is a top priority, and PupCup™  ensures that, every step of the way. Say goodbye to the struggles and hello to the simplicity of the PupCup™.


Your adventures with your furry companion will never be the same! 


 How To Use:

1 - Fill your PupCup™ with water

2 - Flip up the lid to enable a leak-free bowl for the Dog to drink out of and squeeze the bottle for release water into the bowl

3 - Let your dog drink from the bowl,w hen your dog is done drinking, flip the lip to the downward position which creates a leak-free seal!


 Package Includes: 1x PupCup™ - Collapsible Dog Water Drinking Bottle



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