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CarrotQuest™ - Carrot Farm Dog Toy

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"Our dog absolutely loves the Carrot Farm Dog Toy! Its durable construction has held up well to hours of play, keeping him engaged and entertained. The soft fabric is gentle on his teeth and perfect for cuddling. Plus, the carrot shape is adorable and adds a playful touch to his toy collection. Overall, a great purchase for any dog owner looking for a fun and durable toy."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Mya Cole

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This adorable toy features a soft yet sturdy construction that can withstand hours of playtime. Its vibrant orange color and playful carrot shape are sure to capture your dog's attention.

Designed for both gentle chewing and interactive play, the Carrot Farm Dog Toy provides endless entertainment for dogs of all sizes and ages. Whether your pup enjoys fetching, chewing, or simply cuddling up with their favorite toy, this versatile carrot-shaped toy is sure to become a beloved companion.

Give your furry friend a taste of the farm with the Carrot Farm Dog Toy – the perfect combination of fun, durability, and cuteness for hours of tail-wagging enjoyment.

Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly

Struggle to control your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively wear out high-energy dogs.

Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

Effortlessly keep dogs active physically & mentally

It is extremely important to keep dogs active physically and mentally. This toy does just that.

Search and hunt; Hide and seek. Finally let your dog use their natural desire to hunt.

No more bored dogs with behavioral issues

Studies have shown that less play time leads to behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression, and not coming when called.

Play is the key to a dog's happiness. Designed to put dogs' nose and brain to work! Just hours and hours of fun!


Enriches Dog's Life
Experts say 20 minutes of sniffing is as enriching to dogs as an hour's walk. The Carrot Farm offers an excellent form of nosework that delivers mental and physical exercise our furriends need to stay sharp,active and healthy -even indoors.

Builds Confidence and Relationship
The Carrot Farm offers an enjoyable activity for you and your pet that boosts confidence and connection during play. It increases training and positive interactions that keep boredom and loneliness out and fun and happiness in!

Promotes Good Digestion
The Carrot Farm encourages slow eating habits that promote good digestion. It lets pups use their natural foraging skills and enjoy hunting for food, which they love, and results in more engaging, slowed-down mealtimes.

✅Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly

Struggle to control your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively wear out high-energy dogs.

Simply hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

✅Multiple Pockets

The Carrot Farm plays right into your pup's sniffing and tracking instinct. Your furbaby will enjoy nosing into 12 pockets designed to hold toy carrots that once removed can reveal hidden kibble and favorite treats!

✅Squeaky Crinkler

It's a sweet interactive toy that brings a multisensory and rewarding experience. Each carrot is soft and stuffed - it squeaks, it crinkles! When it comes to grabbing and keeping attention,The Carrot Farm wins hours of playtime fun!

Slow Feeding
A puzzle, a training tool, a great game to play together, The Carrot Farm delivers amazing health benefits. It encourages exercise and doubles as a feeder that helps dogs learn to eat slowly, preventing the risk of bloat and indigestion.


The Carrot Farm features durable construction using soft quality materials that are neatly sewn, non-toxic, and free of taste and odor. It's equipped with a non-slip base and is gentle on the nose, great for scent training.


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